CINE HOLLAND – Hypnotherapist  

Cine is a heart-conscious Intuitive Empath, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist & Trauma Release Therapist. She uses a body-centered approach – inviting her Clients to surrender deeply, suspend the ego, strip away all false identities, embrace their darkest shadows and feel a full range of emotions – so that they can enter into shameless self-admission and courageous self-reflection. This becomes the foundation for the unfolding of deep healing, in which they can achieve embodied presence and experience the fullness of who they are, unrestrained and free of the burdens they have been carrying.

Cine strongly believes that the place to heal the pain is within the pain, that only through the total embracing of that which is considered painful or unpleasant, can transformation take place. Her ethos is to lead people back to their own innate ability to self-heal, by discovering the symbolic meaning of their experiences and accessing their personal wisdom through embodiment & complete ownership of their life experience.

In a safe, yet powerful and transformative space of holding, Cine serves as a guide – leading her Clients through the maze of mind, ego and soul; to ignite conscious change. Peeling back the layers of conditioning, denial, repression, fear & resistance exposing illusions born of the ego mind. An unhealthy ego can block the self-reflection process, as it is invested in protection patterns that over-identify with unresolved trauma. 

By revealing the origin of unconscious behaviours, habitual responses & emotional charge, one can integrate a full understanding of the false agreements and fear-based distorted interpretations that have been causing obstruction and sabotaging their growth. Gaining insight into how the fragments of their history have worked together in ways that have shaped their past and affect their current reality.

With this understanding, one can excavate and heal their core wounds. Repression of the wound only strengthens the shadow and causes destructive thoughts in one’s psyche. By bringing the wound to consciousness, it’s power dissolves. The focus is on reclaiming the disowned Self, unhooking emotional triggers, rewriting agreements and planting seeds with clarity & purpose. 

Once this heightened awareness and recalibration is achieved, a healthy sense of Self is restored and there is a release from past holding patterns so that one can respond and react in an appropriate, empowered way. From this space of empowerment, one can audit their internal language and become aware of the lens through which they see the world, reframe the conception of their future and interpret it with consciousness.

“Understanding dissolves fear. When we understand the true nature of our being, fears dissipate.”

~ Brian Weiss ~

  • Services:  Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
  • Hours: Wed – Sat 10am-7pm