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Remedial massage Therapy in Sydney

Remedial Massage Eastern Suburbs and Randwick

Remedial massage therapy counters muscle pain and tension which may result from unhealthy workplace practices, poor posture, illnesses, injuries or the accumulative effect of everyday stress. Remedial massage therapy techniques can be deep or shallow, gentle or strong. Specialised techniques are used to locate and repair damage and to facilitate the body’s own repair mechanisms. Visit the clinic for remedial massage therapy Randwick where our qualified specialists are trained to locate the exact site of these muscle pains and stresses.

Remedial massage therapy promotes suppleness of the body, reducing tension (physical and mental), which is the precursor of many modern day ailments. Massage is thus used to alleviate stress, pain and tension, and to actively promote deep relaxation, health and wellbeing. Massage stimulates the body’s circulation, optimising the delivery of fresh oxygenated blood to the body and brain, increasing one’s sense of vitality and mental clarity. Massage and lymphatic drainage in particular also aid the elimination of toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system, which makes them invaluable tools of preventive health care.

Pregnancy Massage Eastern Suburbs and Randwick

Often the extra weight gain and a shift of the centre of gravity of a woman’s body causes characteristic tension and pain associated with pregnancy. These can be addressed by a combination of relaxation and remedial massage techniques in pregnancy massage which produce the added benefits of reducing swelling in the limbs, soothing the nervous system, preventing insomnia, muscular cramps and back pain.

A reduction in both labour time and the time to return to optimal fitness is often attributed to having regular massage during pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage provides safe and effective treatment; different techniques are used as a woman progresses through the different stages of her pregnancy.

Infant massage instruction

Gain skills and confidence with infant massage instruction. Infant massage enhances the bonding between infants and their parents and families. Massage assists the growth, immune function and the development of your baby. It can bring relief to complaints like colic, constipation, respiratory disorders and sleeping difficulties. Touch enhances your expression of love, care and respect, giving your baby a sense of security and trust.

Yumeiho alignment therapy

Yumeiho alignment therapy is a holistic Japanese bodywork style performed using specific special stretching and rocking movements combined with a gentle deep tissue massage to produce fast and effective pain relief.

Yumeiho therapy is a full bodywork system that seamlessly integrates soft tissue therapy with gentle joint sterching. The therapy is a full body treatment that gentle balances the myofascial and skeletal system with over 100 commonly used treatment techniques.

Build better health with Yumeiho therapy.

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