correcting the fundamental imbalance of your health issue

Functional Biochemistry Medicine

Functional Biochemistry Medicine

Their is a major paradigm shift going on within the field of naturopathic medicine. Functional Medicine are more interested in determining the base cause of your illness, disease or symptom. This may range from heavy metal toxicity to chronic dehydration or some bizarre type of parasitic or other infectious organism. This type of work requires many forms of functional testing to unveil what is actually the main metabolic, toxic or infectious issue is creating your symptoms that never seem to go away.

Many naturopaths and nutritionists correct diet and treat with herbal medicines and homeopathics that improve well-being. Unfortunately however, when their medicines stop being taken, the symptoms return, as the base cause of the problem was never corrected. The symptoms were just being minimised.

Rather than wanting patients to be reliant on medicines for the rest of their life functional biochemists work to correct their metabolic-toxic-infectious abnormality through appropriate treatments including diet-nutritional modification so that at some point they are not reliant on on-going medicines to maintain their well-being.

A functional biochemist can teach you how to fix or minimise your auto-immune problem or chronic fatigue issue by pin-pointing exact causes of these problems through functional medicine tests.

Once the base cause of a patient’s health problem has been effectively corrected through nutritional medicine, diet and suitable metabolic-detoxifying therapies the symptoms improve and those improvements will be sustained well into the patient’s healthy future.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Do you want the control of your health and well-being back in your hands OR rely on the medical system and media for that information?

Would you like to be given the information and knowledge that allows you to make intelligent decisions about dietary choices, supplement choices and other lifestyle factors that are designed with you and your biochemical individuality in mind?

Are you sick and tired of taking natural supplements, herbs or pharmaceutical drugs that make you better only if you keep taking them all the time? Would you like to know more as to whether your treatments/supplements are acting to correct the root cause of your problems or are just bandaid approaches that address the symptoms that cause you grief?

Are you sure your current health provider is getting to the core toxicity or biochemical/ emotional factors that initially created your disease process & all your symptoms of sub-par health and energy?

Are you interested in correcting the deeper underlying causes of your symptoms so your problems disappear & your health improves for the long term, again without the need for constant drug or massive numbers of alternative supplements?

If so, then read on……….Understand the cause & fix the problem! No more bandaid supplements and remedies for health & wellbeing!

How are we different from your local naturopath

rather than just perform iridology or saliva testing, we achieve our mission statement goals by performing a range of alternative and standard blood tests, along with urine and hair analysis procedures when necessary. This allows us to detect markers that indicate the early stages of disease & illness.

We are focused on:

  1. calculating the risk of various diseases developing within your body and then reducing that risk through implementation of natural medicine, diet & lifestyle programming
  2. determining the root cause or causes of your current health problem, disease process or symptoms of sub-par health
  3. helping to correct those biochemical, emotional & other toxic imbalances that have developed and created your disease process or symptoms over the course of time.
  4. Marrying the most innovative natural medicines from the USA and Germany with 21st century dietary paradigms that are based on your own individual biochemical requirements + act to correct the toxicities that can be responsible for disordered metabolism-biochemistry within your body.

Our mission is simple, to help people of all types through natural remedies and treatments as an alternative to pharmaceuticals