Holistic Acupuncture Treatment‎s

our clinic Focuses on Pain Relief, Pregnancy and Fertility.

Acupuncture activates specific points on the body which improve circulation, organ function and neural communication over time leading to a pain free body in optimum health.

These focuses lie on channels which keep running from your furthest point and interface with your organs inside. It is through these channels that we can influence the muscles and joints over which they run (helping you with pain, tension and inflammation), as well as stimulate and regulate the function of the organs to which they connect (helping you with internal conditions). Accordingly, acupuncture is used as an effective treatment for illness, injury, pain and tension — see Holistic Medicine Treatments Available – Surry Hills.

Wh Acupuncture at Wholistic Natural Medical Clinic is The Way to Go.

Acupuncture’s ability to optimise the body’s physiological efficiency allows it to be used as preventive medicine. It does this through its ability to reduce stress. Stress is a major risk factor to many diseases and health complications such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Stress is widely regarded to lower immunity and can cause fatigue, anxiety and depression. When stress is high, the body can’t enter the parasympathetic “rest and digest” state needed to get efficient sleep and nourishment required to maintain itself.

Therefore, by reducing stress, you may find that acupuncture gives you a feeling increased resilience and leaves you with a feeling of vitality and mental clarity.

All acupuncturists that practice at Wholistic Natural Medicine also practice traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

1,000’s of our clients have benefited from Holistic Medicine Treatments Available – Surry Hills treatments.

We encourage you to contact us detailing your specific situation.

Fertility Acupuncture Sydney

Is acupuncture good for pregnancy?

Many people ask us;

How do we help women who are trying to get pregnant with fertility acupuncture in Sydney?

The answer is, we get your body sufficiently healthy and balanced so that it is prepared to support itself and a new developing life.

In fact our treatment works in the same way Traditional Chinese Medicine helps with all kinds of sub optimal conditions. It helps balance the body.

“What does that mean?!

I keep hearing about balancing the body but it doesn’t mean much to me!”. Some respond.

There are countless examples of chemical balances in the body which must be maintained in order for normal health.

The more well known examples are Glucose Concentration; sugar balance. While fluid volumes are kept in check via antidiuretic hormone and aldosterone. The list goes on.

So? Does acupuncture really increase fertility?

Chinese Medicine practitioners are trained to recognize and diagnose other balances which must be kept in place.

For example, women who are trying to increase their fertility need to first address their menstrual cycle health. It’s way more complicated than just how closely you adhere to a 28 day cycle.

We have acupuncturists who predominantly see women trying to get pregnant in our Sydney Surry Hills clinic and consider the length in days and temperature of your body during the luteal, ovulation and follicular phase of your cycle and prescribe acupuncture points and herbs accordingly.

Now the menstrual cycle is just one system which our top Chinese Medicine practitioners consider.

We also look at how well blood and fluids circulate through your body and know what signs and symptoms to look for. In fact we studied for years to be able to recognise which systems in your body need attention.

Our mission is simple, to help people of all types through natural remedies and functional treatments as an alternative to pharmaceuticals