Women’s Health / Pregnancy Care

Women’s health and pregnancy

Women’s bodies experience a number of hormonal patterns in day to day life and across their entire lives. A combination of lifestyle and genetic makeup influence how these continuously changing factors influence how women feel and how their health is affected.

Maintaining the balance is a complex and delicate process, which when not managed effectively leads to a number of health issues including: infertility, insomnia, menstrual pain/irregularity, fatigue, weight gain, low libido, irritability or anxiety.

At Wholistic Natural Medicine we have several practitioners who have experience in the field of Women’s Health and pregnancy. 


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Acupuncture and herbal medicine

 Acupuncture offers drug-free treatment during pregnancy aimed at regulating the body at each stage of this special time. Treatment is typically received once per month, or more frequently as it can help with pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain, nausea, vomiting and insomnia. In the last month of pregnancy, treatment is often recommended to come in for treatments to make sure the body is in an ideal and relaxed state in preparation for delivery.

Many women seek acupuncture during pregnancy because they want effective relief without the worry of medicinals adversely affecting their baby. Sometimes, the use of herbal medicines are recommended. Rest assured that our practitioners are aware of which herbs and formulas are not advised during pregnancy, and your prescription will have been used safely in pregnancy for centuries.

Wholistic Natural Medicine also provides preconception care, post-natal care and treatments to aimed at enhancing fertility and supporting IVF.

enhance fertility and support IVF.

Women’s Health Pregnancy massage

Often the extra weight gain and a shift of the centre of gravity of a woman’s body cause the characteristic tension and pain associated with pregnancy. These can be addressed by a combination of relaxation and remedial massage techniques in pregnancy massage which produce the added benefits of reducing swelling in the limbs, soothing the nervous system, preventing insomnia, muscular cramps and back pain.

A reduction in both labour time and the time to return to optimal fitness is often attributed to having regular massage during pregnancy.

Women’s health pregnancy massage provides safe and effective treatment, and techniques are varied as a woman progresses through the different stages of her pregnancy.

Our mission is simple, to help people of all types through natural remedies and treatments as an alternative to pharmaceuticals