You Are Not Alone

Acupuncture For patients with Mental And Emotional Health concerns

Traditional Chinese medicine has recognised for millennia that our emotions, our physical and our mental states are inextricably linked; our mental and emotional health. Herbal medicine and Acupuncture for mental health are means not only for addressing physical disorders but also for resolving underlying psychological and emotional disorders.

Acupuncture for mental health modalities can help lighten depression and reduce anxiety (Dalamagka 2018). Through it’s widely accepted ability to reduce stress, it can ease grief and weaken the effects of shock.

Our practitioners have a knowledge of the herb-drug interactions that have been reported to date. This means that (while results may vary) our therapies are may be used alongside any pharmaceutical and psychological treatments you may be receiving.


Dalamagka, M. 2018, ‘Acupuncture for Depression and Psychological Disorders’, Advances in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, vol. 4, no.1.

Our mission is simple, to help people of all types through natural remedies and treatments as an alternative to pharmaceuticals